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Whats your Stupid Addiction?

Wow, that is really stupid... Lets talk about it...

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Are you suffering from a stupid addiction? I'm not talking about lame ones like ALCHOHOL, CIGARETTES, SEX ,or DRUGS... , those are just dumb... I'm talking about REAL stupid addictions, those little things that keep us from living our every day lives. They consume our thoughts, and even alter our actions...

Whats your Vice? Why has it gotten out of hand?

Are you annoyed that other people don't view your addiction as a "VALID" or "REAL" addiction?

Do you find yourself not being able to start your day without putting MOISTURIZER on your hands?

Do you NEED that coffee with the seven different names?

Are you addicted to CHAPSTICK?
How about SODA, or CHOCOLATE, or

Are you a NAIL BITER?

Do you find you just cant stop CHEWING GUM? Or even worse...*Gasp* BRUSHING YOUR TEETH? Do you need to leave in the middle of a business meeting just to FLOSS? Or even just to LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR???

Did you miss your best friend blowing out her birthday cake candles because you HAD to watch a new MUSIC VIDEO on MTV?

Well, this journal's for you then... The goal of this sight is just to spark conversation about our debilitating addictions, and maybe create a group of people who can help each other deal with our deep secrets...

Oh, and, stop PICKING YOUR NOSE!